6 Japanese secrets to have perfect skin and look younger

6 Japanese secrets to have perfect skin and look younger

Can skin aging be stopped or delayed? According to the Japanese, the answer is yes. They are admired by everyone for their flawless skin and for the fact that many men and women over 50 look better than a 30-something, so much so that the country has become famous for its skincare routines and beauty secrets.

We all know that there are more delicate skins that start showing signs of aging earlier than others, but the Japanese seem to have found the secret to having perfect , youthful skin for longer.

There are probably people with acne or premature wrinkle problems in Japan but most people don’t and it’s not just a matter of good genes but also thanks to a grooming routine. perfect for maintaining good looks (and good health) as you age.

6 Japanese secrets to fight skin aging

green tea

This traditional drink from Japan and other Asian countries is also one of the most popular beauty secrets in the world. Green tea contains antioxidants which are good for the skin and help fight sun damage. It is even said that it can prevent cancer. The Japanese not only drink at least one cup of green tea a day, they also place it directly on their skin.

Facial massages

Do you know where those face rollers come from that all women use to prevent wrinkles, puffiness and inflammation? You guessed it, from Japan, where they’ve been used for generations and that’s because facial massagers are so effective in delaying skin aging. Massages increase blood circulation and give your skin a natural glow: you can try this by applying your products in the morning.

Fish, seaweed and crustaceans

The Japanese diet includes many seafood products such as shellfish and fish, which not only helps to stay slim but also to fight against aging. Seaweed is full of nutrients with anti-inflammatory properties, fish contains skin-friendly fatty acids and can scavenge active oxygen that accelerates the aging process.

Natural recipes

The chemicals in some products can damage your skin. The Japanese therefore prefer softer and more delicate natural ingredients. Rice water, for example, is one of their favorite ingredients because it increases collagen production when applied directly to the face.

They start an anti-aging diet before they need it

Are you going to wait 50 years to start taking care of your skin with anti-aging products? Prevention is the best approach and the Japanese start using anti-aging products, with collagen and other basics, even when they are in their twenties. It’s never too late to start, but you’ll see better results if you start when there’s no damage.

Healthy habits

It’s pretty obvious: your lifestyle will always reflect on your skin. It is necessary to have good habits to keep it healthy. Many Japanese avoid alcohol and smoking as much as possible and try to get enough sleep, eat healthy, and reduce stress through meditation and exercise.


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